Designed Performance

We design different styles of performance using variety of Japanese instruments to meet your requests and budgets. (Number of performers: 1 ~)

  • Hougaku Hayashikata < Mochizuki Takazumori > (Kotsuzumi, Outsuzumi, Shimedaiko, Noukan, Shinobue)
  • Wadaiko
  • Kotobukijishi (Shishimai) from 3 performers
  • Tsugaru Shamisen
  • Shakuhachi
  • Koto

And performers of many other instruments on request

-Kinds of Performance-
  • Parties, events
  • Wedding receptions
  • Inaugurations
  • Commemorative events
  • Thank-you parties
  • Kick-off rallies
  • Hotel workshops for non-Japanese natives  (English MC available on request)
  • Mini-concerts at nursing homes, etc for senior citizens

Please feel free to consult us on different venues - we are flexible.

Inquiry / Request for Information
  • 宮内 千博(邦楽囃子方 望月 太和守)Yukihiro Miyauchi
  • 津軽三味線tsugaru-syamisen
  • 尺八shakuhachi
  • 琴koto