Taiko (Wadaiko) Classes

WAKON is also hosting Wadaiko classes. Currently, we have about 40 students from various countries and age groups. Our classes perform at many different venues, including our annual performances at Earth Celebration in Sado.

Class sizes range from 5 to 10+ students
Please feel free to contact us for class tours and trial classes.

-Fees / Lesson Days-

For 1 time visitors

For Warakudaiko membership
10,000yen /month.(Unlimited lessons)

For observers
Do you just want watch? It's FREE!!

● Please click here for this month's class schedule >>>
*Please check ahead of time for irregular schedule changes

-Lesson Space-





address: Someya Building 2F 1-16-9, Ryougoku, Sumida-ku, Tokyo, 130-0026

  • 佐渡・アースセレブレーション In Sado・Earth Celebration
  • 稽古場 (東京都・両国) In Tokyo・Lesson Place
  • 埼玉・鳩山鼓韻の会 In Tokyo・Hibiya-City(2005)
  • 東京・パークハイアット(2006) In Tokyo・Hibiya-City(2005)
  • 東京・パークハイアット(2006) In Sado(2006)