Yukihiro Miyauchi Profile

Joined Toho Contemporary Acting School (17th class) after graduating Toho Gakuen University School of Drama (5th class)
Participated in several theater companies and developed a career as an actor
Met Wadaiko during that time
And joined SUKEROKU DAIKO where he started Wadaiko performance activities.
1986/04 Left SUKEROKU DAIKO to form WAKON
1987/04 Started music appreciation concerts at elementary, junior high, and high schools
1989/01 2-man joint tour in Holland with a mime dancer for 4 months at the invitation of the Dutch government
1990/10 Granted the name of Mochizuki Tawamori by Hougaku Hayashikata, Mochizuki-ryu Grand Master 11th Mochizuki Tazaemon, who is currently the 4th Mochizuki Bokusei, a living national treasure
1990/09 Appeared in NINAGAWA Tempest at Kobe Oriental Theater as an actor and a Noukan performer. Also participated in the reproduction at Barbican Centre in London
1992/11 Special guest performer at Jusco Bangkokユs 10th anniversary event in Thailand
1992/12 Performed and hosted Wagakki workshops for Japanese nationals in London
1993/03 Special guest performer at 18th Spring Break Music Festival at the Tokyo Metropolitan Children's Hall
1996/11 Hosted Wadaiko workshops for high school students of ASIJ (American School in Japan)
1997/05 Tour performance at 24 elementary schools in Matsumoto, Nagano
1999/05 Played Japanese instruments in Yoshida Kiyoshi's CD: "DA"
2000/10 Appeared in a NIKON commercial for Europe
2002/01 Composed choreography and lyrics for Channel Japanユs new-year event
2002/09 Performed at an event for World Supreme Court judges with Sawada Katsuharu, a Tsugaru Shamisen performer
2003/05 Tour performance at 28 elementary schools in Ube, Yamaguchi
2004/07 Hosted Wagakki workshops in Los Angeles
2005/08 Hosted Wagakki workshops for foreigners at Nojiriko Lakeside Hotel。
2005/10 Demonstrated and trained members of THE BLACK EYED PEAS, an American hip-hop group, on Wadaiko
2006/11 Appeared in KOUMYO GA TSUJI, an NHK drama series, as a Wadaiko performer
CM: IBM Japan, NTT, Daikin Industries, NIKON, etc
Taiko Training : HANADON (Amsterdam, Holland)
SHIKABE DAIKO (Shikabe, Hokkaido)
TENTEKO DAIKO (Dusseldorf, Germany)
HEIKE DAIKO (Gokayamamura, Toyama)
KIZUNA DAIKO (Los Angeles)
WARAKU DAIKO (Ryogoku, Tokyo)
  • 宮内 千博(邦楽囃子方 望月 太和守) Tawamori Mochizuki
  • 宮内 千博 Yukihiro Miyauchi